Useful places to buy stuff...

  • Sat 04 January 2014
  • misc

Some months back I was at lunch with our lab guy and we started talking about places to buy "stuff", where "stuff" is broadly defined as off-the-beaten-path things that are useful in our professional or personal lives. Stuff that you can't get at Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, etc. Here's the list. Suggestions and additions on the back channel (you know how to get in touch with me) appreciated.

Material for building things

Tools and Tool Storage

  • Lista - gorgeous cabinets - outfit your garage for more than what your car cost.
  • Stanley Vidmar - Mercedes to Lista's BMW. There's always eBay.
  • Harbor Freight - Part of the fun is reading reviews on various forums to figure out what's good and what's just crap. I'll put their $7.99 wheel chocks up against the Camping World product that costs 3x as much.
  • Lehigh Valley Abrasives - Not actually in the Lehigh Valley. Tan says get your abrasive cutting wheels here.
  • Wiha Tools - really nice precision screwdrivers including weird stuff like tri-wing, pentalobe, etc. At your local tool store or buy direct from

IT/Computer Supplies

Electronic Components