Why I'm here (Avi made me do it)

  • Sat 04 January 2014
  • misc

In the fall of 2012, Avi Freedman got some email from a fellow in the UK asking about the characteristics of power feeds he was likely to encounter in North American datacenters. Avi said he wasn't sure but that he bet RS knew, and CCed me on the reply. He caught me on a slow day and I replied with a full brain dump on what I knew.

Avi told me that I should start a blog and that the power email should be the first article. I took that under advisement, but Avi didn't specify a timeframe so I felt free to put it off to my heart's content, occasionally throwing a note or two into a file of "stuff that would be good for a blog".

Fourteen months of procrastination later, I've spun up a little something. Though I might get ambitious and start writing super polished articles, the idea here is to take the notes I have on various stuff I've worked on and put them in a place where the search engine bots can find them. And so can you.