The Shack is about to collapse

  • Sun 03 August 2014
  • misc

Maybe I'm behind the times to be hearing about this, but it's pretty unsurprising that Rat Shack is about to go the way of Laughin-Yet.

A cursory examination of their web site (which to be truthful I haven't visited in aeons) shows that house brands are thin on the ground. No "Realistic" audio equipment or "Patrolman" scanners (OK, there are three "PRO" scanners listed alongside a fleet of Uniden). No house-brand CBs at all. Our window of opportunity to pick up a Micronta VOM may have passed. Will we all be relegated to end cap purchases from Harbor Freight to fill our disposable test equipment needs?

RadioShack - You've got questions - we've got cell phones!

RadioShack's days are numbered via Chicken Noodle Network.