snow clearing and getting the tractor unstuck

  • Wed 27 January 2016
  • misc

In the most recent blizzard, I ended up with a stuck tractor. I meant well in terms of getting tire chains for it, and even got as far as getting the spacers put on the wheels, but didn't manage to actually buy the chains so I could install them.

Just the tiniest bit off the pavement on the wrong side of a slope that you wouldn't notice under normal circumstances, you can be completely hosed on traction.

No big vehicle around to tow me out, no way to get a friend in with a pickup truck without clearing the driveway first. And so it goes...

My pal John gets the thumbs-up for coming up with the solution that actually got me out - drag out my entire collection of logging/binder chains, jack up the tractor to a suitable level, and carefully poke the chains under the wheels with a snow shovel, creating a zigzag pattern under the wheels and then out along my intended escape path. A slight rock and I was out!

In my search for online ideas, I found a pretty excellent farm-equipment-oriented towing and recovery pamphlet (gotta love the extension guys!). Of particular interest is the pocket reference for additional resistance for slopes, stuck vehicles at different depths, etc. on page 29. Check it out!