Previously I undermined my credibility by admitting that I sometimes find a cheap-and-cheerful Mikrotik router to be the right technology to deploy. Why not complete the deed with the cheat sheet of useful-but-potentially-hard-to-find commands for same?

/queue tree print rate interval=5

prints queues at 5 second interval, just showing bits/second in each queue

/queue tree print stats interval=5

more detailed info, again updated every 5 seconds

/interface pppoe-client monitor 0

info about the PPTP concentrator (mac address, name, uptime, etc)

/ip arp print

prints out the ARP table

/interface ethernet switch host print

prints SOC switch CAM table

/ip dhcp-server lease print

DHCP leases with hostnames from the built-in DHCP server

/tool torch Verizon-PPPOE

show interface utilization in real time. can also be used to isolate a particular ip address, etc.

/interface monitor-traffic Verizon-PPPOE

show interface utilization with more detail in real time.

/tool torch src-address= interface=Verizon-PPPOE freeze-frame-interval=5

find out who’s bogarting the b/w.