Time Warner is not Time Warner Cable

  • Thu 27 October 2016
  • misc

I've had a bunch of people ask me in recent days if the AT&T / Time Warner deal is going to mean a better deal for me.

It won't, because Time Warner and Time Warner Cable are not the same company.

I even have a stock response: “you know how Bernie Sanders and Colonel Sanders are both old white guys, but they’re not the same old white guy, and one of them is dead? It’s like that.”

Apparently even the Senate is confused. Not that that's anything new.

Again, Time Warner is not Time Warner Cable, though they do own HBO, Bugs Bunny, and Fred Flinstone, all of whom you may see on your TV if you are a Time Warner Cable customer (or not). Time Warner Cable is a cable company that I work for (for the moment) that is now owned by Charter Communications.

That's all Folks... (that's TW, not TWC, capiche?)