Hey Whirlpool...

  • Tue 08 August 2017
  • misc

My wife and I bought a nice new (OK, saved a few hundred on scratch and dent special, but that's not the point) Whirlpool refrigerator last Saturday.

Fridge on the top, freezer drawer on the bottom. Big enough that we couldn't get it through the door of the house without taking the doors and hinges off. Spiffy.

We had to reverse the door on the refrigerator anyway and I've been through this exercise before so no big deal.

But when I went to take the hinge off (the last step to make the refrigerator thin enough to get into the dining room), I was faced with three T-25 Torx screws.

Not a problem for me, I just went down to the basement and got my Torx drivers. I don't dispute that Torx, like Robertson, is a superior technology to Philips, but Harry Homeowner is unlikely to have a T-25 driver on hand (though likely to try a random Allen wrench, which will screw it up, so to speak).

So, why the choice? Beats me. Everything else on this refrigerator is Philips or hex head sheet metal screws. Odd decision.