Bill's BOM - a Large Home Network Upgrade

  • Tue 02 October 2018
  • misc

Back in April, I had an opportunity to upgrade a friend and colleague's home network. Broadly, the existing home network had long-in-the-tooth 100mbit switches, 100mbit media converters feeding 1994-date-code OM1 fiber to the guest cottage and the barn, a few Apple AirPort access points, and a 10+ year old router.

This is a list of stuff I bought to perform the upgrade to gigabit ethernet everywhere, including new APs and a new router.

  • Switch - Juniper EX4200-48T-8P via eBay. These are teetering on the edge of EOL, but provide a solid layer 2 managed switch with expansion capabilities to hold optics to drive the fiber to the outbuildings, as well as 8 ports of POE to power the access points throughout the house. Price: $148.40

  • Uplink card for switch - Juniper Networks EX-UM-4SFP via eBay. This is a 4 port gigabit ethernet SFP card, for the expansion slot. Via eBay. Paid $54.35.

  • Router - Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4 "ER-4-US" via Amazon. Price: $165.44. Price for these is all over the place.

  • Housekeeping / AP Controller Raspberry Pi - CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (B Plus) with Premium Clear Case and 2.5A Power Supply via Amazon. Price: $54.99. Yes, I know there are cheaper Raspberry Pi kits out there. You may like them better. If you do, you should buy them.

  • Micro SD card for the Pi - Sandisk Ultra 16GB Micro SDHC UHS-I Card with Adapter again via Amazon - Price: $7.71

  • Juniper-coded multimode SFPs - from Fiberstore - I didn't have any MM SFPs in my junk box because I've mostly migrated away from multimode at home and in the datacenter, but with that OM-1 buried in the ground, we had to go with the media already installed. Price: $6.00 each. Needed four for the project. Bought six so as to have spares on hand. Which is good that we did, because we had an infant mortality on one of them a week after deployment.

  • Multimode patch cables - LC to ST - from Fiberstore - various lengths, various prices, from $2.80 for a 1m cable to $3.80 for a 5m cable. Bought extras so as to have spares. How could you not at these prices?

  • Media converters (optical to copper) for the outbuildings. TP-Link Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter, Up to 1000Mbps RJ45 to 1000Mbps SFP Slot from Amazon - bought three (two needed plus a spare). Paid $27.43 each.

  • Power injectors for running PoE access points in the outbuildings. TP-LINK TL-PoE150S PoE Injector Adapter from Amazon. Needed two, bought three, $19.00 each

  • Access points - Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-PRO-E Access Point from Amazon. Note that we bought the PoE version with no power supply included since everywhere we're running PoE to stoke the access points. $127.00 each. We bought six; five needed plus a spare.