Lessons learned from appliance delivery guys

  • Mon 10 December 2018
  • misc

A week ago we took delivery on a par of appliances - a washer and a dryer. Well, actually three appliances; there are two washers in one - the base for the frontloader washer contains a tiny toploader washer.

I watched the setup team work and as you'd expect they've got stuff down to a science, and have all the tools they need handy.

In addition to the tools you'd expect, they had a one I didn't expect and a trick up their sleeves.

Honestly I'd expected they'd use an appliance dolly or something similar to move the new ones in and the old ones out right? I'd seen single-person strap contraptions for moving things that are bulky but not particularly heavy, but I'd never before seen a two person lifting harness for picking up appliances. They made it look super easy too - tip appliance, slide long belt under the middle, set it down, you and your partner crouch, thread belt through buckle, stand up in unison.

For getting the washer the last little bit into place... they put a tiny amount of dish soap on the bottom of the feet. Slick (so to speak).