techmikeny knows how to box a server

  • Tue 20 August 2019
  • misc

I recently bought a server from after seeing an unboxing photoset on Reddit.

They own a foam machine and know how to use it. I'm quite tired of dealing with secondhand servers that arrive broken because they were improperly packed. The photoset I saw on Reddit gave me high hopes for getting servers from techmikeny.

It wasn't a fluke and I wasn't disappointed. These guys know how to pack stuff. UPS did their worst to the box but my 1u server arrived intact. With a complimentary box of candy, which I can't eat lest someone accuse me of being a cannibal.

All edges taped

End of the box took some damage

Corner took even more damage

Everything is fine on the inside

If I eat this box of candy, I'm a cannibal