Tesla Model Y - RS Fit Update

  • Wed 11 November 2020
  • misc

A week ago last Friday I sat in (but didn't drive) Wes' new Tesla Model Y.

Good news: By adjusting the driver's seat all the way down I was able to get in and out without doing the painful side-limbo to get my head past the door frame. Headroom once seated inside was great. Legroom not a problem but then again it never is (> 6'1" tall with a 30" inseam means legroom is fine usually while headroom is the big issue in many cars).

Not-so-good news: Still a baseball-cap-like effect at the eyebrow of the car. Not as bad as an XW20 second-generation Prius, but still a bit annoying. But I could drive it without feeling unsafe.

Wes writes some about the car and about his buying experience. Looks like Tesla has upped their game on the fit and finish issues though their ability to make trade-ins smooth and painless could still use some work.