How to hard reset a Ruckus R700 (or probably any Ruckus AP for that matter)

  • Tue 25 May 2021
  • misc

Tonight, Lisa brought over some Ruckus R700 access points to be password-recovered, reflashed, and configured to integrate with their network at home.

I do this little dance just often enough to forget the exact manual of arms. This time, resorting to Google did me dirty, sending me to some web sites who talked like they knew what they were saying but actually did not. I flailed for about 15 or 20 minutes trying to do a full factory reset, looking like an idiot and almost making us late for dinner..

The exact procedure, the one that works (from the Ruckus support site), not the one that doesn't work from some amateur IT how-to, is as follows:

  • Locate the Reset pin hole on the rear panel of the AP. It's near the ethernet jacks.
  • Power on and boot up the AP. Wait at least a minute for it to be fully online.
  • Insert a straightened paper clip in the hole and press for at least 6 seconds. Other things that may work include a push-pin, the clip side from a binder clip, a toothpick, or something of that sort.
  • When you release the button, the PWR LED will initially be solid red, indicating bootup in process, then blinks green, indicating that the system is in factory default state.
  • Look for the AP using arp, DHCP logs, "show ethernet-switching table", the sticker on the bottom, and other suitable tools.
  • Point your web browser at it on https. super / sp-admin is the default login.
  • Reflash with non-controller firmware and configure to taste.

We made it to dinner, by the way.