Another Cheetah Mount

  • Tue 04 December 2018
  • misc

In the wake of previously noted successes with Cheetah Mounts when it came time to mount a TV at my mother-in-law's new house, we bought her an updated and improved version of the articulated mount I bought in 2017 for us

How do you improve on a mount upon which I previously heaped lavish praise?

Easy. You ship it pretty much fully assembled. The mount itself was three pieces - the "bolt to the wall" piece and two "screw to the back of the TV" pieces.

They didn't include M8-1.25x45 screws, which are the extra long ones that Samsung curved back TVs require for VESA mounting, but I think that's Samsung's fault not Cheetah's (and frankly, I'd expect that Samsung would have included them, though for a buck forty four EACH from Fastenal it's easy to see why they didn't).

Anyway, go buy a Cheetah mount next time you want to mount a TV.